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With over 15 years delivering the ESL certification program, we have certified more than one thousand teachers in Pennsylvania. We are the largest provider of ESL training and certification in the state of Pennsylvania.

This program certifies teachers to instruct in a classroom with English Language Learners (ELL's).  We deliver 2-4 of the six ESL courses every month providing teachers the flexibility to complete the program in 7 - 10 months. Teachers have up to three years to complete the ESL program. 

The certification is online and is an approved Teacher Certification by Pennsylvania Department of Education & Sponsored by Midwestern IU  IV

1.  ESL 01: Developing Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity | learn more
2.  ESL 02: Language Acquisition | 
learn more
3.  ESL 03: Literacy Acquisition | 
learn more 
4.  ESL 04 Observing and Planning Instruction to ELL Students | 
learn more
5. ESL 05: Implementing and Managing Instruction to ELL Students | 
learn more 
6. ESL 06: Assessing ESL Students | 
learn more

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  • 18 Act 48 Graduate-level Credits

  • 540 ACT 48 CPE Hours

  • Qualify for Level II Accreditation

  • Credits approved for PA Master Equivalency

  • PDE Official ESL Certification

  • Approved for PA teachers statewide

  • PDE Approval Numbers

About ESL online certification

  • APPROVED - The ESL Certification is approved by PDE through MIU IV

  • RECOGNIZED - The ESL Specialist Certification is accepted by ALL PA schools

  • FLEXIBLE - MIU IV delivers 2-4 of the required ESL courses every month

  • CREDITS - The 6 ESL courses include 18 ACT 48 graduate-level credits

  • LEVEL II CERTIFICATION - The ESL program's 18 ACT 48 credits are good for teachers seeking their Level II Certification

  • FINANCING AVAILABLE - No payments and interest if paid in six months (approval in seconds: learn more)



Teachers entering the workforce often struggle regarding how to use a language-focused, quality curriculum that maintains academic rigor and high expectations for English Language Learners. Participants in this program will learn how to efficiently and effectively instruct English Language Learners using research-based methodologies regarding language structures, functions, forms, patterns and conventions of oral and written language in alignment with Pennsylvania’s English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) and the Common Core while applying instructional practices that provide students with comprehensible input. Educators exiting this program will also be well-equipped to use data to inform their instruction through the competent implementation of Pennsylvania’s mandated English language proficiency assessments (ACCESS for ELLs and W-APT) as well as formative assessments. 


The expected completion time is 8-12 months. Teachers have up to 3 years to complete.


In order to enroll in this program for Pennsylvania's ACT 48 credit, you must possess a PA Instructional Level I or II Teaching Certificate. This series is built to national standards. Please call Lorinda Hess at Midwestern IU IV (724-458-6700 ext 1238) or student services if you have any questions (866) 535-3772. 

Teachers may enroll in the ESL Program Specialist Certification without an Instruction Level I or II teaching certificate but PDE cannot add it to your Level I certificate until it has been awarded by PDE.


ESL Certification Pricing: ESL 6 course series is $2,400 (save $1,080) or pay $580 per course.

ESL Financing: No interest or payments for six months. Approval is in seconds. learn more

Credits: 18 ACT 48 PDE approved graduate-level credit for Level II certification, masters equivalency and masters + 30, call (888) 936-8626 with questions.

ESL Certification: Approved by Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

PDE Course Approval Numbers: CLICK HERE


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Includes 18 graduate-level Act 48 credits.
Credits good for PA's Instructional Level II certification